Welcome to my blog with the lastest updates of TinyVMI project on GSoC 2018. This blog site is used to report the progress I made each week for Google Summer of Code 2018.

TinyVMI source code.

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Project at GSoC 2018

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TinyVMI: Porting LibVMI to Mini-OS on Xen Project Hypervisor

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Milestone 02: Enabling Rekall profile, OS support, Xen events support in TinyVMI

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How to Cross Compile a Static Library in Xen Mini-OS

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Milestone 01: Main Framework of LibVMI in MiniOS

GQueue Ported to TinyVMI

Build Xen From Source Code with Ubuntu 18.04: need to update `qemu-xen`

First Week: A primary test with TinyVMI and build up website

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