TinyVMI is a Unikernel application resides in a minimized operating system with the capability of introspecting another virtual machine’s runtime memory running a commodity operating system, such as Windows, or Linux. The VMI functionalities are ported from LibVMI. It was originally developed by Lele Ma et. al. in 2015 [1], and then it was extended with full VMI support with lastest LibVMI updates and open sourced as a project in Google Summer of Code, or GSoC, with Honeynet Project in summer 2018. This blog was original used to track the progress of the GSoC project, and is now not maintained. However, if any questions, the author will do the best to help. You can either use the git github repo to open an issue or submit pull requests, or contact the author directly.

[1] Lele Ma, Xiaomeng Yue, Yuqing Wang, and Qiusong Yang. (2015). Virtual machine introspecting and memory security monitoring based on the light-weight operating system. Journal of Computer Applications, 35(6), 1555-1559.