Update Mini-OS Makefile

Mini-OS is compiled with a minimal number of libraries essentially for its limited kernel functions. TinyVMI requires more libraries, including json-c, jansson.

All libraries in Mini-OS need to be statically compiled and linked into the tiny kernel. Under Xen development environment, we could statically compile the library in stubdom’s makefile as shown in the previous step. To link the library, the following changes need to be made in the Makefile of Mini-OS source code:

--- extras/mini-os/Makefile.old	2017-10-20 06:50:35.000000000 -0400
+++ extras/mini-os/Makefile	2018-07-02 19:48:24.655456301 -0400
@@ -142,6 +142,9 @@
 LIBS += $(XEN_ROOT)/stubdom/libxc-$(MINIOS_TARGET_ARCH)/libxenctrl.a
 LIBS += $(XEN_ROOT)/stubdom/libxc-$(MINIOS_TARGET_ARCH)/libxenguest.a
+# APP_LDLIBS += -liconv
+APP_LDLIBS += -ljansson
+APP_LDLIBS += -ljson-c
 APP_LDLIBS += -lpci
 APP_LDLIBS += -lz
 APP_LDLIBS += -lm